What We Do

We produce strategic, investment and business valuations for corporate and business clients, management consulting, valuation and financial advisory firms, including Outthinker, Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), Sigma Valuation Consulting, Resource Insurance Consultants (RIC), Summit Ridge Group and Hilco Global.

Strategic Valuations 

We provide indicative valuations of companies according to various strategic business development scenarios.  Our goal is to provide an understanding of how strategic decisions effect the value of your company.  Our deliverable is a spreadsheet including various strategic, operational and market assumptions which can be easily adjusted to see their effect on the value of your company.

Strategic valuations are based on discounted cash flow projections according to your various business development scenarios, although other valuation methodologies can be incorporated.

How much will our business be worth if we increase sales or lower costs?

How much will our business be worth if we open more stores or remodel?

How much will our business be worth if we buy or lease our property or equipment?

These are some of the questions we can help answer.

Investment Valuations

We produce portfolio valuations (valuations of private debt and equity investments) for hedge funds, business development companies and private equity funds.

Business Valuations

Our experience and expertise includes debt and equity investments, closely held family businesses (operational and real estate holdings), satellite and wireless communications.

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